Horrors / Orders

(Blow Up Records BU042)

(March 2008)


1. Horrors

2. Orders (Single Edit)


7" Single and Digital Download


Devil In The Detail / The Squadron Leader

(Blow Up Records BU047)

(August 2008) 


1. Devil In The Detail (Single Edit)

2. The Squadron Leader


7" Single and Digital Download

Thunderer & Excelsior

(Blow Up Records BU042CD)

(August 2008)


1. Horrors

2. Devil in the Detail

3. Action Force

4. Penny Dreadful

5. Warship Class

6. Star of the Sea

7. Revolving Sleepy Signs

8. Orders

9. 1994

10. Nishikado

11. Ghosts

12. Foreign Exchange & the Drilling Machine

13. That Which Is/That Which Is Not

14. Animals Are Vanishing (or, 'Martian Invasion 1853')


CD and Digital Download


Action Force / The Nod 

(Blow Up Records BU048)

(October 2008)


1. Action Force

2. The Nod (Single Version)


Digital Download

You Give A Little Love

(Blow Up Records BU049)

(December 2008)


1. You Give A Little Love (Single Edit)



Limited Digital Download


Releases of recordings by SILVERY for you!




The Nishikado EP

(Blow Up Records BU051)

(June 2009)


1. The Nishikado (Rebuilt, 2009)

2. Identity

3. Murder Holes (Single version)

4. The Public Purse


Digital Download


The Naked & The Dead

(Blow Up Records BU058)

(July 2010)


1. The Naked & The Dead


Digital Download


~ Albums ~

Railway Architecture
(Blow Up Records BU057CD)
(August 2010)

1. A Deconstruction Of Roles
2. Identity
3. Two Halves Of The Same Boy
4. The Naked & The Dead
5. Will Self (or, 'The Man Who Wasn't There')
6. The Quaire Fellow
7. The Nod
8. Sparks & Fire
9. Ropes & Sails
10. An Account Of The Raising Of A Spirit
11. The 'In Insects' Jerk
12. The Murder Holes Are About You
13. You Give A Little Love
14. Hook Woods 
CD and Digital Download Digital Download

~ Singles ~


~ Various Artists Compilations ~



The Clash Playlist September 2008

(No catalogue number)

(September 2008)


Featuring 'That Which Is / That Which Is Not'


Cover mounted CD


Margin / Blow Up London Fashion Week 2009

(Promo release)

(February 2009)


Featuring the single versions of 'Devil In The Detail'

and 'Action Force' 




Artrocker The Sound Of The Summer


(August 2010)


Featuring 'Identity'



Cover mounted CD


Two Halves Of The Same Boy

(Blow Up Records BU063)

(February 2011)


1. Two Halves Of The Same Boy


Digital Download




Leader Of The Starry Skies / A Loyal Companion

(Believers Roast)

(December 2010)


Featuring exclusive cover version of Cardiacs' 'Spell With A Shell'. 


CD /Digital Download

A Deconstruction Of Roles

(Blow Up Records BU059)

(October 2010)


1. A Deconstruction Of Roles


Digital Download




Vive Le Rock Presents: Down On The Street (VLR#3)

(July 2011)


Featuring 'A Deconstruction Of Roles'



Cover mounted CD



(August 2013)

1. The Ronald Opus
2. You Answered Your Own Question
3. Aokigahara Jive
4. Adventure Band
5. Charge Of The Light Brigade
6. The Round Tail
7. Triforium & Roof
8. Gang Show
9. Thunderer & Excelsior
10. Simple Harmonic Motion

11. The Resurrection Of The Dead Ships
12. Shimmy Shimmy

13. Light Engines

14. Life & Non-Life
Digital Download HERE


The three exceptionally well respected Silvery albums, plus a scattering of singles, served up with some tasty compilation appearances...

Vive Le Rock Presents: Teenage Rampage

(December 2013)

Featuring 'Shimmy Shimmy'

Cover mounted CD